Summer 2003

"It is a fine day for a fox chase, my boys."
George Washington, Battle of Brandywine, 1777

The QRP Fox Hunt is a series of 1.5 and two-hour amateur radio events during which QRP stations ("Hounds") attempt to work specific QRP stations designated as "The Fox." Throughout any particular season there may be a "dual hunt" with two foxes on the air at a time. These hunts are usually conducted in CW (Morse code) but can be in any other mode the committee authorizes for a particular season. Our Summer and Winter rules pages provide all the legal details you'll ever need...

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Who's Who on the QRP-L Fox Hunt Committee:

N1FN -    ET, admin and web site
N1TP -    Tom, scorekeeper
KØEVZ -    Doc, scheduling
K7QO -    Chuck, "The Godfather"
VE5RC -    Bruce, teams

QRP-L Fox Hunt Definitions:
   Fox    =    The station the Hounds try to work.   
   Hound    =    Each QRP station trying to work the fox.   
   Pelt    =    A completed QSO.   
   QRO    =    Any output power greater than 5 watts.   
   QRP    =    5 watts or less RF output from the transmitter.   
   QRPp    =    1 watt or less RF outputfrom the transmitter.   
   QSO    =    Complete exchange of Signal Report, QTH,
Operator's Name, & Power Output.
   QTH    =    State, Canadian Province (or Country if outside US/Can).   

The QRP Fox Hunt Committee wishes to thank the Colorado QRP Club and MorseExpress for their kind donation of this web page, site design, and editing services!


We continue receiving Email complaints that this web site promotes the hunting and killing of foxes. NO! "QRP Fox Hunt" is simply a name we've given a fun and exciting amateur radio activity that involves radio equipment, low power transmissions, antennas, and lots of skill between radio operators exchanging signals with each other - this activity has nothing to do with animals, guns, hunting or killing - thank you!!


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