In early 2003, Roger J. Wendell (WBØJNR) volunteered to
take over as webmaster for all of the QRP Fox Hunt web pages. Roger
decided, except for minor corrections, to keep all of the Hunt's previous
pages pretty much intact, as they were, for historical purposes...


"It is a fine day for afox chase, my boys."
George Washington, Battle of Brandywine, 1777

The QRP-L Fox Hunts are a series of  two hour eventsduring which QRP stations (Hounds) attempt to work specific QRP stationsdesignated as The Fox.  The "RULES" page explains how it works. Forseveral years now we have had a Fox Hunt on 40M in the winter, and on 20Min the summer. Results and logs for earlier Fox Hunts are available here,as well as the "current" Fox Hunt.
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The QRP-L Fox Hunt Committee  wishes to thank the Colorado QRP Clubfor their kind donation of this web space, and Morse Express for providingthe web page design and editing services.

Who's Who on the Committee:
N1FN- ET- admin and web site
N1TP- Tom- scorekeeper
K0EVZ- Doc- scheduling
K7QO - Chuck- the godfather
VE5RC- Bruce- teams

Old Business-- Archived Fox Hunts

The Summer 2001 20 MFox Hunt
The Winter 2000-2001 40M FoxHunt
The Summer 2000 20M Fox Hunt

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The names Fox, Hound,  Fox Hunt, and Foxhunt usedin conjunction with QRP activities and events are Service Marks of QRP-L,the property of Chuck Adams, K7QO, and may not be used without permission.


We continue receiving Email complaints that this web site promotes the hunting and killing of foxes. NO! "QRP Fox Hunt" is simply a name we've given a fun and exciting amateur radio activity that involves radio equipment, low power transmissions, antennas, and lots of skill between radio operators exchanging signals with each other - this activity has nothing to do with animals, guns, hunting or killing - thank you!!


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