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Morse code and CW related links


  1. Morse Code Company - All things Morse!
  2. PA3WBK Wilko J. Hollemans Ultimate CW Web Site (must see!)
  3. FISTS CW Club The International Morse Preservation Society
  4. WBØJNR Tribute to Morse telegraphy
  5. Copy Code by K9DE
  6. Q-Signals Listing Listing of common Q signals for use in CW communications
  7. International Telecommunications Union Home of ITU Morse and other international radio standards
  8. Union Francaise Des Telegraphistes  a French telegraph web site
  9. K3WWP's Web Site CW operating, daily propagation reports, QRP, more....
  10. Morse & CW Operating CW Facts and operating tips, Morse learning, etc...
  11. Cyber-Museum of Keys Tom Perera, W1TP's online telegraphy museum
  12. Morse at the Movies  Part of great Canadian telegraphy reference site.
  13. JFØKOG and JN3VOG Japanese cyber museum of Morse keys -- excellent resource!
  14. N9BOR Loves Morse code!
  15. The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy A manual for learning, using, mastering and enjoying the international Morse code as a means of communication.
  16. The Telegraph Office A tribute to Morse telegraphy. Great pictures, information and links!
  17. The Morse Telegraph Club An international non-profit organization dedicated to the perpetuation of the knowledge and traditions of telegraphy and American Morse code.


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