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Secret Officers' Meeting - August '97

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Click on the pictures to view in full size. Coven or Cabal?

Here is the photographic evidence captured at a secret meeting of CQC officials. Captions show the code names they were using, and their true unmasked identities.

Codename "WØHEP", Rich High,
President of CQC
Codename "NØQT", Jan Medley, 
Publicity Chairmain of CQC
Codename "N1FN", Marshall Emm, 
Vice President of CQC
Codename "ABØCD", Dick Schneider, 
Secretary of CQC
Codename "The Coven"
Codename "The Coven"
Codename "The Coven"
And here's a possible fifth co-
conspirator... NFØZ, who 
was present only in spirit. 
Is that a bomb in the box?

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