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Key and Kit Day 2003

Saturday - March 8, 2003

Your humble webmaster, WBØJNR, never received photos from this meeting. Please
email him copies if you ever happen across any. Of course he isn't going to hold his
as this page was slightly updated in June, 2006 and no photos had yet arrived...

Our annual Key Day is always a popular meeting, and this one, held at Dave's Daily Grind coffee shop, was no exception.  Members brought and exhibited a wide range of keying equipment, from miniature straight keys and paddles to antique bugs and spark keys.

A highlight was the presentation of a Morse Express "Christmas Key" to one of the club's newest member, Bob Manley (#723). Bob was the one closest to guessing the age, and approximate value (based on recent Ebay bidding) of an antique Vibroplex brought to the meeting by Morse Express' N1FN. The "bug" in question was circa 1912 with an estimated value of $1,700...

Al Dawkins, KØFRP, provided those present with an excellent Power Point presentation on various soldering and kit building techniques.

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