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Key Day 2005

Saturday - March 12, 2005

Our annual Key Day is always a popular meeting, and this one, held at Morse Express, was no exception.  Members brought and exhibited a wide range of keying equipment, from miniature straight keys and paddles to keys used on ships and even as ink stamps!!

In the first photograph, upper left, Treasurer Roger Wendell presents John Kellow (ACØBR) with CQC Membership number 777! With such a lucky number Roger was hoping John would accompany him to the Blackhawk/Central City casinos just west of Denver...

In the photo next to John and Roger is Frank Ivan (KØFEI) showing the meeting's winning door prize provided by club president John Hewitt (KA3RDZ - third photo from left) - seems to be a lot of luck going on at CQC meetings lately!

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(All Key Day photos were taken by Roger J. Wendell
except for the first one - that was taken by Frank Ivan...)
AC0BR accepts CQC membership 777 from Roger Wendell Frank Ivan Wins Door Prize CQC PResident KA3RDZ KD0UE's German Junker Key Presdient KA3RDZ addresses the gang
Marshall Emm N1FN Carol Ganow AB0SN Carol Ganow AB0SN Carol Ganow AB0SN John still wonders how he became memember 777

Nate Bushnell (KDØUE - first two photos at left) shared some interesting stories related to communications and his involvement in World War II. Nate also told us how, while recently attending the funerals of two local area Hams, he sent "73 SK" from the podium during each gathering. SK, of course, representing "Silent Key" for operators who have passed on...

Nate Bushnell KD0UE Nate Bushnell KD0UE Jim Pope KG0PP Jim Pope KG0PP Carol Ganow AB0SN
Mark Baker KG0PA Erik Baker Peter Inskeep NO2D NO2D Gear Peter Inskeep NO2D

Marshall Emm, owner of Morse Express (the provider of CQC's meeting space!), displays many dozens of keys from around the world!

Marshall Emm N1FN Keys and more keys! Keys and more keys! NO2D Paddle Marshall demonstrates sending techniques
The gang asks questions Rubber stamp on bottom of key Keys up close Keys up close Russian Key
Keys up close Keys ups close The whole gang! Marshall Emm in his office Morse Express Formal Key Display

Marshall explained that some of the keys on display, at Morse Express, were actually acquired from the ship breaking yard in Alang, India. The photos below tell much about the hardship and conditions of such an operation...

Alang 1 Alang 2 Alang 3 Alang 4 Alang 5

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