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Our January 8th, 2005 meeting was a great success!!
There was a fabulous NVIS antenna discussion, FREE hand keys, Door Prizes, and a whole lot more!

Stephen Finch (AIØW) gave us an excellent presentation on NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Signal) antennas and their use in short range communications for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and other applications. As you can see, in the pictures below, Stephen provided a variety of drawings and other graphics that explained everything from ground losses and absorption to radiation angles and ionized layers - thank you Stephen!

Marshall Emm, of Morse Express, not only provided us with meeting space but gave all those present a free hand key if they promised to make at least one Morse code QSO within the next week! As you can see in the photographs, below, our hearty group of volunteers didn't hesitate to take the pledge - thank you Marshall and Morse Express!!

(Click on any of these here "Thumnails" for a larger view!!)
(Photos by N1FN and WBØJNR).
Free Hand Keys for all in Attenance!
Free hand keys for all in attendance!
Marshall hands out the handkeys!
Marshall hands out the hand keys!
Stephen draws the D, F1 and F2 layers
Stephen draws the ionized D, F1 and F2 layers...
Stephen displays one of many radiation patterns
Stephen displays one of many radiation patterns
Stephen describes the gap in coverage
Stephen describes the gap in coverage that's typically experienced, over shorter distances, when not using an NVIS antenna...
Club prez KA3RDZ presents door prize
Club prez, KA3RDZ, not only provided the meeting's door prize but presented Morse Express with a "Thank-you" gift for the meeting space they've provided us with as well!

Watch our Low Down publication for more photos and articles!

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