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Our July 15th, 2006 meeting was fun and interesting!!

Stephen Finch (AIØW) gave us an excellent antenna and feedline presentation with some of us then meeting at San Dong Restuarant for our traditional after-meeting luncheon. - Thank You Stephen for a great presentation!

Also, a bunch of us got together to better position the club's antenna trailer in Marshall's parking lot. As you can see it was certainly a group effort but a big "thanks" goes to KIØRB for all of the great upgrades he completed on our trailer this year - Thank You Vince!


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(Photos by WBØJNR)


Peter (NO2D), Jim (KAØNZZ), Scott (KAØHSV), Marshall (N1FN), Vince (KIØRB), and John (KA3RDZ) all helped move the club's antenna trailer into a better parking position. A big "Thank You" to Milestone Technologies for providing the club with a home for its portable antenna farm!

Peter, Jim, Vince, John, Scott and Marshall - July 15, 2006
Lifting an element
Peter, John, Vince, Marshall and Scott - July 15, 2006
Thinking about it...
Peter, Vince, and John - July 15, 2006
Fine tuning...
Marhsall, John, and Scott - July 15, 2006


Steve Finch (AIØW) gave a great talk and demonstration on making your antenna system more efficient, reducing losses, and other related topics. Steve's presentation ended with a "hands-on" demonstration of tuning, power measurement, and SWR...

Steve Finch, AIØW - July 15, 2006
Antenna Reactance by Steve Finch - July 15, 2006
Antenna Reactance
Steve Finch and the EZNEC plot - July 15, 2006
EZNEC plot...
Steve Finch Demonstrates - July 15, 2006
Tuning the Tuner - July 15, 2006


Watch our Low Down publication for more photos and articles!

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