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General Meeting - November 10, 2001

Did I miss any photos from the meeting?
Please send me what you've got and I'll post 'em here!
Email me at: Contacting Roger J. Wendell

Phil and Kristen take Roger for a ride at CQC's November 10, 2001 meeting:
K6LS Unimog at the CQC meeting
This ride was fantastic! Phil took his Unimog down a huge ditch, adjacent to the parking lot.
Despite a back-end full of radio gear this thing climbed us right out of the ditch - shouldn't
be any problems on snowy streets with this one!

In addition to a great meeting "Show and Tell" session, and other discussion,
Roger Wendell (WBØJNR, your humble webmaster) also presented slides
from his summer 2001 trip through Tibet, China and the Silk Road.

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