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by Al Dawkins, KØFRP
CQC Member # 32

Norcal FCC2 by Al Dakwins - 2006 Norcal FCC2 by Al Dakwins - 2006
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This is the Norcal FCC-1 frequency counter with the addon FCC-2. The Case is a PacTec Electronic Enclosure. It's a multimeter case with back stand built into the rubber boot that surrounds the case. It ws a very tight fit and I used a dremel tool to get it into the case. I still have to mount the input and output connectors. The FCC-2 transmits CW and RTTY with RTTY software to generate the Mark and Space. Output is about 10 to 25 MW. I am working on a 5-10 watt amp. The two kits are $35 each. The FCC-2 is a SMT kit.



FCC-2 Specifications

Dimensions 			1.5 x 3.0 x 1.25 (HWD) 
Weight 				1.2 oz. 
Power Requirements 		30 mA in addition to FCC-1. 
Inputs 				FCC-1 connection
				RS-232 compatible FSK input: TXD, RTS, Ground 
Usable Frequency Range 		DC to >20 MHz 
Outputs 			1. Lo-Z: 
				50 Ohm, 20KHz  18 MHz output (-3dB) 3.0mw (4.7dBm) to 25mw (14 dBm) @ 1MHz typ. 
				Usable from 10KHz to 21 MHz. 
				2. Hi-Z: 
				600 Ohm, DC-18 MHz output, 580mVpp typical. 
				3.Key Out: 
				Active low, open collector, computer controlled via RTS 
DDS Lowpass Filter  		7th order Elliptic 
T-R turnaround delay  		1mS max 
Frequency Memories  		10, user programmable 
Band Memories  			13, frequency is automatically stored after 30 second dwell 
Receive IF Offset  		0 to >268 MHz 
Transmit IF Offset  		0 to >268 MHz 
Receive Prescale Factor 	1 to 255, programmable per band 
Transmit Prescale Factor	1 to 255, programmable per band 
FSK Mark Frequency Offset  	0 to >268MHz 
FSK Space Frequency Offset  	0 to >268MHz 
Supported Bands  		160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m, 2m, Direct 
Controls  			Shaft Encoder with built-in pushbutton 
Encoder Pushbutton  		Programmable: Decade Increment, VFO A/B select 


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