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Picnic Meeting 2000

CQC's 2000 Picnic Meeting was held at Daniels Park, southwest of Denver.  Conditions were HOT and a great time was had by all.  Highlights were--

The third annual Run for the Trees-- which NOBODY WON!  Three stations on 15/20/40M for 45 minutes without a QSO.  It wasn't entirely unexpected due to massive geomagnetic storms, but still disappointing.  Last year we had a balloon antenna, this year a kite.  And Prez Dick, ABØCD skirted a DQ for attaching his antenna to the dumpster.  The rules prohibit attachment to any "permanent structure" and using loopholes is fine!

We had to share the site with a wedding-- 130 guests and wedding party in the hot sun about 50 yards away from the pavillion.  None of us caught the bouquet, but a couple guys were heard speculating on the use of the flowered arch as an antenna.

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