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QRP to the Field 1998

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CQC's operation at Daniels Park, south of Denver, CO, on 4/25/98.

Larry, WJ1R/UA6HZ at the controls of WØCQC. The station basically N1FN's mobile setup relocated from car to table, with the addition of portable battery pack, SCAF filter, and antenna tuner.  The G5RV antenna is out of frame to the left, with the northern end at the top of the tree seen behind Larry. I think Larry took a picture of ME (N1FN) operating, but will have to wait for the film to be developed.
Same thing from the opposite side. You'll probably have to view the full size image to see the red X near the center  horizon-- that's NØQT's operating position.  
Jan (NØQT) in her mobile shack.  She assures us she does NOT operate like this while driving!
Closeup of Jan's Padlette paddle strapped to her leg.

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