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Our March 13, 2010 general meeting featured this SMD (Surface Mount Device) soldering exercise by Jim Pope, KGØPP:
RFP RF Probe Kit
To advertise the meeting, we posted the following; "QRPme's RF probe kit is about the easiest and simplest smd kit you can find that also performs a useful task. Containing only three 1206 sized smd parts and a fully silk screened solder masked circuit board, the kit is a fast build, and useful too! Use it to troubleshoot your malfunctioning QRP kit. The main difference in our kit and all the others is the lack of any enclosure or hardware! Your creativity is encouraged! In fact, we are having a little contest with this kit: build the kit & take a picture of the finished kit and another of the kit inside YOUR enclosure and send it to QRPme for adding to the 'Great RF Probe Contest' pages. The totally unbiased Official Team of Contest Judges will pick 3 winners using some form of convoluted rules and guidelines that I won't go into here (mainly 'cause we haven't thunk them up yet!) and award some truly stupendous prizes! Small $6 purchase required to enter... At this price, you can afford to buy more than one and give it away! RFP Probe Kit: $6.00" - everyone present at the meeting got some hands-on practice soldering these SMDs!


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