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Miscellaneous Links:

  1. Morse Code Company - All things Morse!
  2. 73 Classifieds - Free ham radio classifieds!
  3. Milestone Technologies - Everything for the Morse Enthusiast!
  4. Colorado Hams Information Center
  5. 73 Classifieds - "For Ham Operators Only!"
  6. Novice Historical Society by AC6C
  7. PARP - The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast, "Creating Elmers One Podcast at a Time"
  8. NACEC North American Center for Emergency Communications
  9. KDØFNR's Ham Radio Practice Exams
  10. N6HI's web site Getting Started with PSK31 and all kinds of other great topics!
  11. HotPress T-Shirts Family owned company operated by licensed ham radio operators - serving ham operators world wide since 1994.
  12. eHam   Ham radio on the internet (news, reviews, ad's ....).
  13. HamRad  Amateur Radio Resource
  14. FCC PART 97 REGS Complete ASCII or hyper-linked text of Part 97.
  15. International Telecommunications Union Home of ITU Morse and other international radio standards.
  16. FRRL - a different look at amateur radio, clubs, and technology!
  17. QSL Net FREE e-mail and web-site hosting for hams.
  18. K7ON  K7ON's QRP web site, MODS archive, HUGE links list.
  19. Web RX Web controlled short wave receiver-- operate it yourself!
  20. WM7D Call Sign Server Call sign server with automatic map generation.
  21. FCC Callsign Statistics Compiled by AHØA.





  1. QST ARRL's Monthly Membership Journal.
  2. CQ Magazine  montly amateur radio magazine.
  3. TCA The Canadian Amateur Magazine
  4. Low Down - CQC's very own!
  5. Nuts & Volts magazine  mixed bag of electronics, computers, robots and laser's.





  1. Amateur Electronic Supply Dealer of most commercial ham gear.
  2. Associated Radio  new and used equipment.
  3. Austin Amateur Radio Supply  new equipment.
  4. Burghardt Amateur center  new and used equipment.
  5. Ham Radio Outlet  new and used equipment.
  6. The Ham Station  new and used equipment
  7. Jun's  new equipment.
  8. Lentini Communications, Inc.  new equipment.
  9. R&L Electronics  new equipment.
  10. Radio City, Inc  new equipment.
  11. Ross Distributing Co. Dealer of most commercial ham gear.
  12. RT Systems  new equipment.
  13. Texas Towers  new and used equipment.
  14. Universal Radio new and used equipment.
  15. Weather Shack (weather stations and weather radios)
  16. - weather radio info & products


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