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Worldwide QRP Calling Frequencies


  160m 80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m 2m
CW 1.810 3.560 7.040 10.106 14.060 18.080 21.060 24.910 28.060 50.06 144.060
SSB 1.825 3.985 7.285   14.285 18.130 21.385 24.950 28.385 50.885 144.285
Novice   3.710 7.110       21.110   28.110    

Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for the NJ QRP Club page that lists European frequencies as well.

Over the years there has been some disagreement as to what the QRP calling frequencies should actually be.  These disagreements are due, in part, to changes in WARC frequencies, license structure, and other modes (i.e., rtty calling frequencies, voice "watering holes," etc.).  On Father's Day 2000 (June 18th) WBØJNR proposed (over QRP-L, CQC-L and various private lists and on-air nets) that the amateur community re-examine the QRP calling frequencies.  After a few months, and many Email exchanges, it was agreed that the calling frequencies would stay where they are (for the time being...).


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