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Club Stations WØCQC and NØCQC


W0CQC License The trustee of CQC's club station licenses (WØCQC and NØCQC) is Marshall Emm, N1FN.

Our club stations are active for the weekly 2 Meter net and the
various contests and other on-air events that CQC participates in.


Weekly 2 Meter Net:

Hand-held Our weekly 2 Meter net is held every Monday night at 8:00 pm local time on the Colorado Repeater Associations's 145.460 (-600 KHz) repeater (hard-linked to 224.98) serving the eastern slope of the Colorado Rockies. You'll need to set your CTCSS subaudible tone to 107.2 Hz to transmit over this repeater (no tones are required to listen to the repeater!).

Small Arrow Pointing Right You don't have to be a member to check into our net and participate - we encourage anyone with an interest in QRP (and a Ham license) to check in and join us!

The area covered by these CRA machines is from Cheyenne to the north and Pueblo in the south with links to repeaters in Boulder (145.460) and Colorado Springs (145.160).

Our alternate backup frequency, in case 145.460 is down, is the 145.145 (-600, 107.2 Hz tone) repeater.


Colorado Repeater Association A big "Thank You!" to the Colorado Repeater Association for the
use of their "machines" since our net was first formed in the early
1990s! We encourage all users to consider membership in the CRA.


Denver area "Watering Hole:"

Area QRPers are encouraged to monitor and meet at 146.520 FM simplex for everything from informal chat
to serious technical exchanges. However, we also suggest that, after establishing contact, you QSY to another
frequency to avoid congestion. Again, you don't have to be a member to participate - you just
have to have an interest in QRP (low power) operating and a current Ham license!


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