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CQC #1, Rich High (WØHEP) was an enthusiastic supporter of Bonfils' blood donor program. Nearly all of this text was provided by Rich long before he passed away in 2006. Many CQC meetings were held at Bonfils' "Lowry" location from about November '99 to sometime around 2002. Your humble webmaster (WBØJNR) decided to keep this page intact for hisorical purposes.


Bonfils Blood center is Colorado's only community blood center, providing the Colorado community with a wide range of services including whole blood and apheresis donations, bone marrow donation, cord blood donation, transfusion medicine services, research and educational support.

For many years the Bonfils Blood center provided the Colorado QRP Club with some great meeting space. If you are able to donate blood, be sure to let Rich (WØHEP) know so it can be credited to the club.

Hams historically have been poor blood donors in this area.  Let's show the community the Colorado QRP Club cares.  Please donate at one of the Bonfils locations in Colorado.  They are located in Aurora, Lakewood, Boulder, Pueblo, Sterling, Denver West (Golden), and in Denver at the Health Sciences center and at Lowry.


How far will you go to save a life?

  • To donate, call Rich at 303-363-2312 [ed. Note: As mentioned above, Rich passed away in 2006 - this page has been left intact for historical purposes...]
  • (8:00-4:30 M-F)
  • Donations may be made at one of the Bonfils centers or before/after CQC meetings

    Check out the Bonfils website for further information:  www.bonfils.org


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