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Rich High
Our friend and Colorado QRP Club cofounder, Rich High (WØHEP), passed
peacefully away in his sleep early Monday morning, December 4th, 2006.

Rich High at CQC's Field Day - 2006
Rich at CQC's 2006 Field Day operation along Rampart Range

Rich was originally licensed in 1956 in Telford, PA as WN3IIO, and later, W3IIO. He and his XYL, Elaine, K3JSP, moved to Denver, Colorado in 1962 and changed their calls to WØHEP for Rich and WØHEM for Elaine. Rich was very active in many phases of ham radio over his half century in the hobby. In the early 1990s Rich discovered the challenge and the fun of QRP, and he became an early advocate for low power amateur radio.

Rich co-founded the Colorado QRP Club in 1994, and edited the club's award-winning newsletter, The Low Down, for many years. Rich was member Number One. Just recently, the club issued membership number 819. His prime interest in ham radio was QRP, CW, contesting, DX, and Field Day. He actively participated in the Colorado QRP Club's competitive Field Day team, and played a key operator role in the club's record-setting Field Day performances in recent years.

Rich had been battling a number of health issues and would have turned 64 on December 28th - he'll be deeply missed by his family, friends, and the amateur radio community. Contributions can be made in his name to the American Diabetes Association.

Rich's memorial service was held at Denver's Fairmont Cemetery Chapel and was well attended by friends, family, neighbors and ham operators. Vince, Pete, Dick, Tim, Al, Jim, Roger and other QRPers stopped by to pay their respects...


Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for a bit of history on Rich's enthusiastic support for blood donations...




Posted on QRP-L:

Message: 29
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 09:42:06 -0700
From: "Kumagai, Vince" 
Subject: [QRP-L] Rich High W0HEP Colorado QRP Club Founder and memeber
#1 SK - 
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Rich High W0HEP - Founding Father of the Colorado QRP Club, Editor
Emertius of the CQC LOW DOWN and Member #1 Passed Away this weekend.
The CQC is compling a Memorial Soap Box for Rich on the Club Web Site
and for our publication The LOW DOWN. Anyone who knew or worked Rich and
would like to contribute to the Soap Box can send their information to:

Vince Kumagai - KI0RB - CQC Club Secretarty and LOW DOWN Editor care of:

72 and SK Rich  we will all miss you very much

Vince Kumagai  KI0RB




Posted on CQC-L:

1. Re: 72s Rich High - WØHEP 
Posted by: "Peter Inskeep" pinskeep@yahoo.com   pinskeep 
Sat Dec 9, 2006 9:25 am (PST) 

I just want to send this note out again in case anyone missed it. As Roger says below, 
there will NOT be a Chat and Chew session today. Instead, a number of us will be 
attending the funeral services for Rich at the Fairmount Cemetery, from 2:00 PM to 
4:00 PM today, Saturday. The Fairmount Cemetery is located on the northeast corner of 
the intersection of Ouebec and Alameda. The address is 430 Quebec.

I am sure you all already know that Rich High, W0HEP, was CQC Member Number 1, and a 
founder of the Colorado QRP Club. I hope that you can join us in honoring his 
memory. Thank you.

pete, no2d
President, CQC.




Note: Here are pix from Arnie's USA visit that he refers to in his email, below:

From: "Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich"
To: "al dawkins"
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 16:05 PM
Subject: Re: Al K0FRP

Dear amigo Al: For some unkown reason, something I can not really explain, your e-mail is the one that carried the very sad news about the passing away of my beloved friend Rich High W0HEP, a very special person by all possible comparisons. Rich and Elaine hosted me during my 2002 visit to the USA, and he did put a tremendous effort in making that trip possible, as well as my participation at the CQC Annual Banquet, where I arrived directly from the at that time very new Denver Airport. I have just sent to Vince an e-mail asking him to convey my condolences to Elaine, to their daughter and the grandaughter. Just in case the e-mail doesn't reach Vince, I would appreciate that you find for me the postal mailing address of the family, as I want to send Elaine a letter of condolence with some anecdotes about our friendship via amateur radio. Rich was almost of my same age, I will be 65 hopefully in July of 2007, and we shared many common things about how amateur radio could help mankind to have a better world where to live... Still fresh in my mind is the day in the middle of a tropical hurricane when we were on the Hurricane Watch Net, and Rich came in from Colorado to offer his modest ham station to relay any messages, to which I must add that his skills as a QRP low power operator could do wonders when communications were difficult due to poor propagation, too long or too short skip etc. Amigo Al, thank you very much for realizing that it was possible that I had not heard about the sad news of WOHEP becoming a SK... Today, is a very , very sad day for me, but at the same time I remember so many good things that Rich and I shared that for sure, he will be always remembered among the QRP community... Maybe someday I may again visit Denver , Aurora, Colorado Springs and other beautiful places that Rich made possible for me to see, and to meet there so many good people with whom we both shared the love and dedication for amateur radio... Yours truly Arnaldo (Arnie ) Coro CO2KK




Posted on CQC-L and QRP-L:

72s Rich High - W0HEP 
Posted by: "rogerwendell" http://www.rogerwendell.com 
Tue Dec 5, 2006 8:37 pm (PST) 

Our friend and club founder, Rich High (WØHEP), passed peacefully away in his sleep 
early Monday morning, December 4th. Rich had been battling a number of health issues 
and would have turned 64 on December 28th - he'll be deeply missed by his family and 
the amateur radio community. 

Our December 9th informal Chat 'N Chew meeting has been CANCELLED so that members 
can attend Rich's memorial service at 2 pm, on Saturday, at the Fairmont Cemetery Chapel 
430 South Quebec Street, Denver, Colorado. 


Roger J. Wendell 
WB0JNR - CQC Webmaster 
P.O. Box 17174 
Golden, Colorado 
80402-6019 USA 




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