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Annual Banquet 2002


CO2KK - Arnie Coro at Radio Havana Cuba Our February 16, 2002 Annual Banquet was a smashing success!
Guest speaker Arnie Coro (CO2KK), of Radio Havana Cuba's
program "DXers Unlimited," wove a magical tale of radio, antennas and
friendship that will be remembered for many banquets to come!!
Our 2002 Banquet took place at Blossoms Restaurant in Heather Gardens, Aurora
(An archive of the 2002 banquet announcement can be found Here)


Thank you, thank you!
2002 Banquet Vendors, Donors, and Volunteers:
(We couldn't have done it without you!)


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Thank you photographers!
All banquet photos are by N1FN,
except the one of Arnie and Roger is by KIØRB

Dick and Arnie
Dick presents Arnie
with an award
Arnie Speaks
Arnie addresses the
the entire gang
Arnie Speaks
Arnie and Roger Wendell
In from Missouri!
Guests drove in from as
faraway as Missouri!!
The audience was very
interested in every word!
Arnie and Elaine
Elaine (WØHEM) and
Arnie Coro
Walt in the crowd
ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Director
Walt Stinson (in the tie) was with us as well!
Dick, Al, Arnie and Elaine
The banquet hall
was packed!
Even more guests
Here's a shot of
even more guests!


Here are some photos C02KK sent us from Cuba shortly before he arrived for our banquet:
CO2KK - Arnie Coro at Radio Havana Cuba
DXers Unlimited!
G3KOX visits CO2KK
CO2KK 2044
Satellite Antenna
CO2KK Vedado - Colorado Dreaming
Thinking of a trip to Colorado?


2002 Banquet Soapbox:


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