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The Colorado QRP Club occassionally holds some very
fun and interesting banquets - watch this page for info
and upcoming plans!

CO2KK - Arnie Coro at Radio Havana Cuba Our Febtruary 16, 2002 8th Annual Banquet was a smashing success!
Guest speaker Arnie Coro (CO2KK), of Radio Havana Cuba's
program "DXers Unlimited," wove a magical tale of radio, antennas and
friendship that will be remembered for many banquets to come!!

Banquet pix and Soapbox comments have been posted on our gallery page.
Click Here for an archive of the 2002 banquet announcement.


Our next banuet is scheduled for early 2007 - date to be announced.
Please feel free to contact Brad Mugleston, kiøot@arrl.net, or other officers,
if you have any ideas for this upcoming event!

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