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2001 Great Colorado Gold Rush

Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club

The Great Colorado Gold Rush
 (a.k.a. Fire In The Hole)

Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club

Great Colorado Gold Rush
Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club
Millennium Edition

It was Colorado, 1859. A land swindler had just published the first issue of the Rocky Mountain News in the settlement that would become Denver. A year earlier, small placer gold deposits were found in that old settlement, near the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. And then came the big gold strikes! George Jackson discovered gold in Chicago Creek near Idaho Springs. John Gregory made his famous gold strike not far away, in Clear Creek Canyon. Prospectors dreaming of riches poured into the new gold camps of Central City, Black Hawk, Boulder, Colorado City, Gold Hill, Hamilton, Tarryall, and Pueblo. The fever ran high. The Great Colorado Gold Rush had begun!

Not even a century and a half later, the rush is on again. This time it's the rush to work all states, to join the ranks of DXCC, the desire to sound like a kilowatt but driven only by milliwatts - truly to rush to achieve the impossible.

In honor of our state's colorful history and exciting future, the Colorado QRP Club proudly announces The Great Colorado Gold Rush/Millennium Edition.

This will be a QRP amateur radio contest of unparalleled magnitude, of incredible dimensions, of such unbelievable proportions that---well, actually, it's really just a summer sprint. Two fast hours of heavy hitting. Do your best. Have fun, and good luck in the contest.

WHEN: Saturday, July 28, 2001
TIME: 2000-2200 UTC
BAND: 20 meters only
MODE: CW only
POWER: 5W maximum


W -- WIRE: single element wire; including dipoles, random wires, Zepp, doublets, inverted V, slopers, single element loops, inverted L, etc.

V -- VERTICAL: verticals; including single element, ground plane, trapped vertical, or anything with vertical polarization and more or less omnidirectional pattern.

B -- BEAM: multi-element arrays/beams; including beams, multi-element loops, phased verticals, V-beam, rhombic, etc.

P -- PORTABLE: non-mobile temporary field station; may use any type of antenna.

Operations may be conducted with different antennas provided all antennas are in the same class.

EXCHANGE: RST + SPC + Class + CQC Member # or Pwr Out Example: 559 CO V 345 -or- 559 CT P 5W

MULTIPLE CONTACTS: The same station may be worked up to three times during the contest, provided a minimum of 30 minutes has elapsed since the last QSO with the same station.

3 points for first contact with a station.
2 points for second contact with the same station.
1 point for third contact with the same station.

MULTIPLIERS: all multipliers count once over all. Multipliers are SPC's and CQC members worked.

FINAL SCORE: QSO Points x SPC x CQC Members = Total Score

LOGS: Submit logs showing time, callsign, exchange and QSO points for each station worked, show totals of multiplier points. Example:

Time Call SPC Ant Mem#/Pwr Pts
2005 W0CQC CO V 132 3
2012 N1FN CT W 151 3
2036 W0CQC CO V 132 2
2037 KA8OM MI P 5W 3
2115 W0CQC CO V 132 1
Totals 3 2 12
Dupes: W0CQC - 2005 2036 2115
CQC#: 132 151

(Optional) Include a brief description of your equipment, antenna(s) used, and power output. Include brag statement.

All submissions must indicate entry class and your mailing address including e-mail address if available.


Deadline: Logs must be postmarked or emailed no later than August 28, 2001.

Logs postmarked or emailed after this deadline and logs with no computed final scores will be used as check logs only.

MAIL: CQC Gold Rush, CQC, POB 17174, Golden, CO 80402-6019

To Email contest logs: CQC Contest Email

AWARDS: Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring station in each antenna

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Questions or concerns?  Send an Email to: Contacting the Colorado QRP Club
(Surface mail: Colorado QRP Club - P.O. Box 17174, Golden, Colorado 80402-6019 USA)

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