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Upcoming Colorado QRP Club Contests:


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As quoted from the ARRL's "Contest Rules webpage, "The goal of Amateur Radio contesting is to contact as many stations as possible during the contest period."

Every contest has Contest Rules:

The ARRL also says, "The Federal Communications Commission does not require hams to keep station logs with records of every contact, but contest sponsors do. Your log is your contest entry; without it, your score won’t be considered."
"You can keep a contest log on paper and submit the paper log at the end of the competition. Most contesters, however, do their logging by computer. The computer keeps track of the time, score and much more."


Previous CQC Contests:
(Announcements and Results - A good place to also check out rules, etc.)


During its January 2007 meeting (and again during its March 2008 meeting!), the club's membership voted to continue with its two most popular contests, The Great Colorado Snowshoe Run (winter) and The Great Colorado Gold Rush (summer). Later it was decided to also continue with our annual Winter QSO Party as well. Of course we'll always continue with the fun and fantastic Field Day event at the start of summer each year!!




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