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Field Day 2004

Field Day 2004 - Year of the rain!


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(Even better photos will be in in the Low Down)

(All photos by your humble scribe, WBØJNR, except for #15 - that one was KA3RDZ while 'JNR briefly operated CW at the Aloha site...)
CQC Field Day 2004 1 CQC Field Day 2004 2 CQC Field Day 2004 3 CQC Field Day 2004 4
CQC Field Day 2004 5 CQC Field Day 2004 6 CQC Field Day 2004 7 CQC Field Day 2004 8
CQC Field Day 2004 9 CQC Field Day 2004 10 CQC Field Day 2004 11 CQC Field Day 2004 12
CQC Field Day 2004 13 CQC Field Day 2004 14 CQC Field Day 2004 15 CQC Field Day 2004 16
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1. We forgot our club banner... 2. Welcom to the Rampart Range 3. KIØRB is our PSK31 guru! 4. KIØRB puts out more coax...
5. Bear Creek Lake Park 6. We used a lot of batteries... 7. WØHEP takes a rest 8. Hand-held satellite antenna
9. Our beam 10. Crank-up tower 11. CQC's antenna trailer 12. KØMF runs 'em on CW!
13. KF7MD stationary mobile!! 14. KØFEI & ABØCD on VHF 15. WBØJNR Aloha CW 16. NØBN & KA3RDZ in yurt
17. John & Pete at the Aloha yurt 18. Wet Aloha yurt! 19. Aloha site balun 20. Inside the Aloha yurt

Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for our Aloha site submission to the ARRL

Here's the Aloha Site's visitor's log:


Here's how we announced our 2004 Field Day effort:

June 25, 26 & 27 2004 (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday)
This is our main information page for Field Day.
Most years we maintain two Field Day sites, one for those
with competitive desires and another more casual location
that we fondly refer to as the "Aloha" site...

CQC's "Competitive" Field Day site
(Serious Stuff!)

The Colorado QRP Club and most of this Hemisphere's active amateurs!!

Our 2004 "Competitive" Field Day effort will probably take place
at our Rampart Range site in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies

Friday-Saturday-Sunday June 25, 26 & 27, 2004.
Set-up begins Noon Friday June 25th. Field Day Event: Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday.
Tear-down Sunday afternoon.

Rampart Range Road near Sedalia, Colorado (About 40 miles southwest of Denver)
Located on huge ridge, at 8,000 feet elevation, in the Pike National Forest
Clear views in almost every direction with great 2 meter line-of-site into Denver


Directions: From U.S. Hwy. 85 at Sedalia, take State Hwy. 67 approximately ten miles west to the Forest Service Indian Creek Work center.
Persons approaching from the south may take Rampart Range Road from Woodland Park, or Hwy. 67 from Deckers.

Note: Devil's Head is the last operational lookout on the Front Range and sits on the highest point of the Rampart Range.
The Devil's Head tower is accessible by the 1.3 mile long Devil's Head National Recreation Trail.

Parking and campsite.

STATIONS (This could change anytime before contest time!):
2A (2 HF stations)
primarly focused on 80-20m
Talk-in 147.225 Repeater, 146.445 Simplex.

CONTACT: Al Dawkins, our Field Day Chairman, can be reached at alkøfrp@attbi.com for all kinds of additional information!

Bring your Fun!


CQC's "Aloha" Field Day site
(Fun Stuff!)

John Hewitt, KA3RDZ, will be coordinating our Aloha site effort this year. Thank you John!!
John will probably have a site set up at Bear Creek Lake Park, just south of Green Mountain
in Lakewood. John needs to reserve a site so please contact him so that he can make a
determination on how large of a space we need to reserve!

Email John at: ka3rdz@arrl.net

We'll post more "Aloha Site" details, right here, once John has it all organized...


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