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ARRL Field Day Join us for Field Day

The 2022 ARRL Field Day will take place on:
June 25 & 26

Noon Local Mountain Time Saturday to Noon Local Mountain Time Sunday
(Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in June)
Everyone is welcome to join the fun - we always need helpers (We usually start setting-up the day before),
operators, or folks to just hang out for a relaxing good time! Stay any amount of time, all are welcome!

With the exception of COVID, we've been holding our Field Day operation at NØCOT's Star Haven Observatory
in Strasberg, Colorado. We hope to do the same this year but ask that you stay-tuned for confirmation.





The Colorado QRP Club took 1st Place
in the ARRL's 2019 Field Day event!
499 QSO's at 5 Watts - Fantastic!
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ARRL FIeld Day 2014
The objective of the ARRL's national Field Day is to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Field Day is open to all amateurs in the areas covered by the ARRL/RAC Field Organizations and countries within IARU Region 2. DX stations residing in other regions may be contacted for credit, but are not eligible to submit entries.
100 Bonus Points for Media Exposure!
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Admiration from our competition!

Asterisc From: Hank Greeb
Date: March 30, 2012 8:01:32 PM MDT
To: wb9nlz@xxx.com
Cc: k0fei@xxx.com
Subject: Suggestion for QQ

I enjoyed the article about "QRP Field Day Tips" in QQ Winter 2012.

However, if you want the "real skinny" on competitive QRP Field Day operation, I suggest to solicit an article from the Colorado QRP Club, WCQC. WCQC routinely wins the Class 2A (Battery) category, and has placed 1st overall upon several occasions regardless of the number of transmitters.

All other QRP operations are small potatoes compared with the WCQC effort, and we could all learn from them. Why "celebrate" mediocrity at the expense of "the great masters?"

72/73 de n8xx Hg


Ham Radio "Field Day" Defined:

1994 - CQC's First Field Day with W0AH, KB0JFH, and Amber
1994 - CQC's first Field Day!
2004 - CQC's Rampart Range Competitive Site
2004 Competitive Site
ARRL Field Day is the largest on-the-air operating event in Amateur Radio. It draws tens of thousands to the airwaves at the end of June, each year, bringing new and experienced hams together for a weekend of fun!

During Field Day Amateur Radio "Ham" operators throughout North America put their technical and emergency communications skills to the test over the "Field Day" weekend. Hams use this annual radio exercise to test the ability of both themselves and their equipment - All to ensure they'll be ready to volunteer their communications assistance during times of disaster and other emergencies.

The American Radio Relay League sponsors the annual Field Day event and invites all amateur radio operators to join the fun. Yes, fun(!) is the operative word here - Hams enjoy the Field Day experience on a number of levels that include camping, tinkering with portable equipment, installing temporary antenna "farms," adjusting solar panels or just enjoying the social interaction with friends, family and fellow Hams!

The Colorado QRP Club hopes you'll join us during this year's Field Day event! If you can't be here, in Colorful Colorado, then we hope to work you on all the bands throughout the weekend-long contest!

Roger J. Wendell
CQC Webmaster




We will not be activating our "Aloha" Site this year - please stayed tuned for its possible return next year!
CQC Aloha Site NØCQC - Our "Aloha" Field Day Site
At the QTH of Jim Moravec (NØCOT) in Strasburg, Colorado


  • Jim Pop, KGØPP - ejim@aol.com
  • Scott Garcia, KØFRP - slgarcia@qadas.com
  • Directions to Jim's (NØCOT) QTH where our Field Day operation will be taking place
    on his property near Strasburg, Colorado: Google Maps.

The CQC Aloha Field Day site is all about fun, ham radio, getting kids of all ages on the air, enjoying the outdoors, family activities, and each other. Although it's no longer mandatory, we strongly encourage you to wear Hawaiian shirts while operating. We will be having fun on the air, and fun in the sun.

We'll be operating the Aloha Field Day site from Noon Saturday, June 23, until Noon Sunday, June 24.

We'll begin set-up at the Aloha site after 1:00 p.m. Friday, June 22nd, but will actually have access to the QTH a day earlier than that if needed.

We'd love to have you set up camp and spend the two nights with us. Daytrippers are more than welcome to stop by, mess around, operate for a while, and chew the fat -- or join us for dinner.

There will be rustic Tent and RV accommodations with some electrical. We will have access to a portable toilet.

There are no sewer hookups and no dump station.

We will not permit sleeping sites to be set up WITHIN THE FALL LINE OF A MAST OR ANTENNA.

FEE: We'd appreciate any contributions to help offset club expenses. Donations will be requested from Daytrippers, too...

RESERVATIONS - None needed although it would be helpful if you let Scott or one of the officers know you're coming!

CAR PARKING - There should be adequate parking for campers and daytrippers,

STATIONS - We'll be running at least 2-A BATTERY with 1 VHF station. Equipment and batteries needed for this type of operation./

ANTENNAE - SUBJECT TO CHANGE - GAP Multi-band vertical, Mosley 2-element beam, possibly a multi-band doublet. We plan to have a VHF/UHF tri-band Yagi. Possible access to the "COW" (Cell Tower On Wheels)

DIGITAL/SATELLITE - If anyone wants to set up a digital station, organize your gear, let us know, and bring it out. We'll give you one of the operating positions. If someone is set up to work a satellite, please bring your gear for a few orbital QSOs.

PARTICIPATION - Previous years have been a ton of fun! We've always helped get a bunch of kids on the air but have other fun activities as well. We encourage you to plan a family weekend around Field Day. You don't have to sit in front of a white hot QRP rig during your entire stay - there are all kinds of outdoor options in this part of Colorado.

NON-CLUB MEMBERS - You don't need to be a club member and you don't need to be an amateur radio operator to participate - everyone is welcome!

VOLUNTEERS - We need as many as we can get for set-up and tear-down. We can always make do, but we need as many hands as we can get with 1) setting up stations 2) setting up antennae 3) organizing logging materials 4) tearing down stations 5) tearing down antennae 6) policing the campsite.

TIME ISSUES - We'll have plenty of access to the site but need to be mindful/respectful of NØCOT and his family.

WHY ALOHA? Well, in the Hawaiian language Aloha means affection, love, peace, compassion, mercy, goodbye, and hello, among other sentiments of a similar nature. The Aloha Field Day site is designed to encourage any and all comers to participate in Field Day. There is no competitive pressure to run 70 CW QSOs per hour. You operate at YOUR speed, and there will be plenty of hams available to help out. Even non-hams will be able to get on the radio. There is only one request: operators are asked to wear a Hawaiian shirt! We'll have some available in case you forget yours although it is optional.



Bring your Fun!!!




We will not be activating our "Battleground" Site this year - please stayed tuned for its possible return next year!
CQC Field Day Warriors WØCQC - Our "Battleground" Field Day site
(Serious Stuff!)

Co-Chairs: Paul Beckett, KF7MD (kf7md@aol.com)
and Frank Ivan, KØFEI (k0fei@arrl.net)
[Al Dawkins, KØFRP, Chairman Emeritus]

Paul and Frank are our Competitive site Co-Chairs and contesting Gurus!

This year we'll be at a new location a few miles west of Golden
Click Here for MapQuest directions.

The Colorado QRP Club and most of this Hemisphere's active amateurs!!

Our "Battleground" Field Day effort may take place just west of Golden

Friday-Saturday-Sunday June 23, 24 & 25 - 2017.
Set-up begins Noon Friday June 24th. Field Day Event: Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday.
Tear-down Sunday afternoon.

We'll probably be at a newer location just west of Golden.

We usually have available parking, car camping, and a porta-toilet. Antennas, rig and all
other gear and equipment will be independent of any permanent structures that may be found
at the site. Please bring your own food and other comforts if you're staying at the site.

STATIONS (This could change anytime before contest time!):
2A (2 HF stations)
primarly focused on 80-20m
Talk-in 147.225 Repeater, 146.445 Simplex.

CONTACT: Frank Ivan or Paul Beckett, our Field Day Co-Chairs, can be reached at KF7MD@aol.com and KØFEI.arrl.net for all kinds of additional information!

Bring your Fun!


ARRL Diamond - Small Support your local ARRL-affiliated Amateur Radio club!

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