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Field Day 2000

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Band conditions were excellent and a highlight was the outstanding 160-QSO performance by the Novice Tech station at Rampart Range!

CQC's 2000 Field Day effort consisted of two sites, the "main" or competitive 2A site at the Flat Rock Overlook on Rampart Range Rd, and the "Aloha" or non-competitive 4A site at Bear Creek Park.  Both sites experienced excellent operating conditions, and again we've set records.

CQC's "main station" racked up a total of 2105 QSOs for a new all-time record point score in 2A (someone else could have done better this year, but we won't know for a while).

And the "non competitive" Aloha site weathered a severe storm on Saturday evening, with the loss of a tent, but there was no damage to the antennas.

Rampart Range Site


Bear Creek Park Site

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