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1999 WØCQC Field Day Report

The CQC kicked off a "new era" of Field Day activity with it's
1999 entry from Rampart Range in the Pike National Forest.
Forty miles south of Denver at an elevation of 8,000 feet and
with unobstructed views in most directions, this is an ideal
radio location. The site was previously used by the successful
KØNA group who may forever hold the top score for the 2A QRP FD
category. Our entry was also in the 2A Battery class running
5 watts out. On HF and VHF we signed the club callsign, WØCQC.
Donna, KA5WET, provided both the callsign and the enthusiasm for
our Novice station this year.

N1FN, Marshall*
KA3RDZ, John
KA5WET, Donna
KF7MD, Paul
             KRØU, Tim
KI0IN, Bill
KØFEI, Frank
WØAH, Doug
W2ZGB, Gabe
WJ1R, Larry
*CQC President

Stations and Antennas:
The two HF stations were running a Kenwood TS-850 and an ICOM IC-745.
With a bit more attention to battery voltage this year, the TS-850
performed just fine. Our VHF position ran an Icom IC-706. PC logging
was used for the VHF and HF stations. All power was provided by RV and
car batteries plus inverters. A total of twelve large batteries were
used plus lots of shuttling to and from the vehicles for charging.

The final antenna farm consisted of eleven antennas supported by five
towers/masts and several tall trees. In years past we've needed a 60
foot tower to get the VHF antennas above the trees and horizon.
Not so this year; a simple self supporting mast provided adequate height
from this location. Summary below:

80m delta loop, apex at 55'
Vee beam for 20 & 80m: 250' legs, 45 degree apex angle, 60' at the apex
40m 3 element delta loop array, apex at 45', fixed east
20m 4 element monobander at 45'
15m 4 element monobander at 35'
10m 3 element monobander at 20'

6m 5 element yagi at 12'
2m 11 element yagi at 15'
70 cm vertical mounted on a vehicle

Dipoles for 40m and 10m at 30'

This location, plus great band conditions, really helped rack up some QSO numbers.
(Click Here for a summary of our band activity)

The final 1999 CQC FD score including multipliers and bonus was 15,355 points.
This was our best club showing yet improving on our 1996 score by over 5,300 points.
And a great effort by Donna and her team for a new Novice station record in breaking
the 100 QSO mark.

Wrap Up:
Congratulations to the whole group for a spectacular effort.
Special thanks to Frank, KØFEI, who pulled the trailer this year and to Larry, WJ1R,
for coordinating the operator roster.

And finally, after six years, this will be my last as Chairman of the CQC's Field Day
effort. It's been fun and I'll be looking forward to participating in future FD
activities and helping the next CQC FD coordinator.

72, Paul Beckett, KF7MD _ .._

(The above text converted to .txt from original .doc by k6ls then converted to .html by WBØJNR)

Band conditions were excellent and a highlight was an astounding opening on 2M from CO to TN and GA!

CQC's 1999 Field Day effort consisted of two NEW sites.  The "main" or competitive site, previously at Elizabeth, was at the Flat Rock Overlook on Rampart Range Rd.  The "Aloha" or non-competitive site moved from Cherry Creek State Park to Bear Creek Park.  Both sites offered substantial improvement in operating conditions, and previous club Field Day records were just blown all to heck!

CQC's "main station" QSO record was 1498 QSO's, so we set 1500 as a target.  Our unoffical rough count was 1746!

The record number for contacts by our Novice/Tech station, set at 70 QSOs in 1996, was shattered at 5:30 on Saturday by Donna KA5WET and her enthusiastic crew of NTs.  Donna switched to CW and finished up with a total of 108 QSO's!   This was particularly gratifying, and poignant, because 1999 will probably go into the books as the last ever Novice/Tech Field Day.

And the "non competitive" Aloha site finished Field Day 99 with a slight improvement on last year-- 417 QSO's at rough count, or an improvement of a mere 400%!

A special treat:  two 5-second videos in mpg format--



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