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Field Day 2001

June 23-24, 2001
Typically, our Field Day effort is divided into two parts:
One is our Aloha site - a bit more fun and casual.
Described here is our "Competitive" site - a more serious
effort usually held in the foothills, of the Colorado Rockies (The mountains,
not the baseball team), in a place called "Rampart Range."


The Colorado QRP Club score was Third overall in the nation for Field Day 2001!!

Click on these "Thumbnails" for a larger view.
SSB Antenna
SSB Antenna
CW Antenna
CW Antenna

--->Click Here for more pix and text in MS Word format (It's a big 586k Word file)

W1AW Bonus Points:

100 points
W1AW message enclosed
Spcl CW7 and cw26 follow
QST de W1AW hr spcl cw7 from ARRL hq Newington CT June 22, 2001
To all radio amateurs the first field day of the new millennium
offers great opportunities to explore different aspects of our hobby. Is
your club gaining the bonus points for up to 3 demonstration modes this
year. APRS, portable packet, ATV and other modes may spur interest in new
areas of the hobby. Remember to use the newly designed field day summary
sheets which are available from the ARRL contest web site in Adobe pdf
format. Be sure to include dupe sheets by band. Full log files are not a
requirement for the field day. Make sure that your entry includes copies of
any message that you send or
receive for bonus points. Stand by

We are always seeking interesting photographs that might be considered for use
in the field day article in QST or on the ARRL web site.

Field day entries must be mailed to ARRL headquarters by July 24. Good luck and
may your group have their best field day ever ar
GL de W1AW


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