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Field Day 2005

Field Day 2005
June 24, 25 & 26

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(Even better photos will be in in the Low Down)

(All photos provided by Tim Groat)

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KF7MD on 20 CW
20 Meter CW
K0FRP on 15 and K0FEI and KF7MD
15 Meter CW
VHF Stack
VHF Stack
W0HEP on 40 CW
40 Meter CW
20 Meter Yagi
20 Meter Yagi

A Quick Report
from Al, KØFRP:

From Rampart Range SW of Denver at 8005 FT. W0CQC FD 2005
Paul KF7MD
Tim KR0U
Mike K0MF
Frank K0FEI
Rich W0HEP
4 el 20m beam, dipoles on 80.40 and a Vertical wire on 40m. 40m ants used on 15m also.
Operating that's the light work we are talking about. 
80m 130 Q's
40m 350 
20 550
15 200
10  0000
VHF/UHF  150
1400 Q's  ALL CW except VHF and 16 SSB q's on 15m.
Bottom of the cycle. yes Rampart Range Yes Old CW ops Yes 

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