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Field Day 2002

June 22-23, 2002
Typically, our Field Day effort is divided into two parts:
One is our "Aloha" site - a bit more fun and casual (described further down this page).
The other is our "Competitive" site - a more serious effort usually held in the foothills
but moved to the high plains due to historic fires throughout the Colorado rockies.


CQC's "Competitive" Field Day site
(Serious Stuff!)

Al Dawkins, KØFRP, is our Field Day Chairman and Rampart Range Guru...

Colorado Forest Fires What Happened?
Our 2002 "Competitive" Field Day effort took place
at the QTH of KGØPP due to the forest fires that
closed our traditional Rampart Range site in the foothills...

Note: clicking on these "Thumbnails" will bring a larger view.
However, even more photos and information are accessible in our monthly publication, The Low Down.
All photos were taken by Roger J. Wendell (WBØJNR) except for the one of him in #8 (that was taken by WØHEP)

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  1. VHF Antennas
  2. KF7MD working VHF
  3. WBØJNR's climbing partner, John (right), visits us Ham operators involved in this strange activity...
  4. ABØCD on HF
  5. KØRU on HF
  6. WØHEP and KØFRP take a break...
  7. Stake and eggs! (Meadowlark nest discovered near tower installation)
  8. WBØJNR likes to be in pictures too!
  9. aluminum
  10. aluminum
  11. tower stakes
  12. aluminum
  13. looking up the tower
  14. aluminum
  15. aluminum
  16. aluminum
  17. aluminum
  18. KØFEI looks for Satellites and Space Shuttles
  19. ABØCD through the "net"
  20. Mirror image of KF7MD on VHF
  21. Battery
  22. More Batteries
  23. Behinds and Batteries
  24. HF Tent
  25. That 110 VAC has to come from somewhere!
  26. Tim again
  27. Antennas everywhere...


(Our Fun Site!)

Bear Creek Lake Park
Bear Creek Lake Park
303-697-8190 Park Information
303-697-8190 Gate House Has Current Campsite Availability

Aloha Site Co-Chairman, N3XT
Aloha Site Co-Chairman, NØBN

This year, our "Aloha Site" location was:
Bear Creek Lake Park
15600 West Morrison Road
Lakewood, Colorado

As always, operating attire: was the required Hawiian Shirt
(Management supplied shirts for those who forgot!)

And, Saturday night was CQC's world famous pot luck and BAR-B-Q!



942 Q's 8500 points less bonus points.
A drop of 3000 ft in elevation from Rampart Range Road in the burning Pike
National Forrest. The fire is South and West of our normal site but the area
was closed. We moved to Jim KGØPP's property east of Denver.
Three towers. 2A category.
Our plan for 4A was shut down in the move.
Conditions were poor on 15m and not much on 10m
a few very short openings on 6m . That left 20m as the work horse. Our 4 el
mono bander was working very well.
80m 37
40m 40
20 572
15 222
10m 3
6 31
2 4
70 cm 2 942 total Q's
Half of our record holding 2A of 2000
40 % of our record 3A of 2001.

Al KØFRP Colorado QRP Club


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