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Field Day 1998

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Our 20M monobander on one of four towers.

Here's the 60 footer with three yagis, including 5 el on 6m.

Field day towers always require a lot of pondering

Here are the ponderers from the other side

A Field Day station doesn't look like much when you're setting it up!

When our operators collapse at the key, we just drag them outside.

HF1 and HF2 on the air.

HF1 and HF2... faces through the fly screen.

Field Day Commisar Paul, KF7MD illustrates how he rosters operators.

Meanwhile, at the "Aloha" site, antennas are less visible but visitors are plentiful

HF1 at Aloha-- definitely laid-back!

"Colorado QRP,"  Dick's (ABØCD) mobile platform.

Closeup of Dick and his Sierra-based "shack in a box."

Aloha HQ.

Aloha participants "taking a break."

Aloha co-co-ordinator Jan, NØQT, hitting the bands with an IC-706.

font SIZE=+1> Meanwhile, back at the Elizabeth Site, more admirers of towers.

And it wouldn't be Field Day without a dog.

Here's the obligatory multiple-tower shot.

And the 60 footer from ground level (literally).

Doug WØAH adjusts his "phaser," ready for use if we get an opening.

The HF shack.

VP Rich, WØHEP, leads a focus group.

Late Sunday morning, Larry (WJ1R/UA6HZ), Al (K0FRP), and Paul (KF7MD try to squeeze in just a few more.

Visitors to the Aloha site carried away a memento of the occasion.


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