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CQC Great Colorado Gold Rush Masthead by WØOOW
July 12, 2015



This is how we announced the 'test that year:


The Great Colorado Gold Rush
CQC Officers and committee chairs...
It was 1859 before CW.  It was 1859 before spark.  It was 1859 before our time was taken away with "reality" television, DVD's, cell phones, and email.  It was 1859 before daylight saving time.  Take a moment to relax and enjoy the "real" world.  This mid-summer event might just build your WAS, DXCC, and provide you with some operating pleasure. Be a part of history!  Are you certified at 65 WPM?  Good for you.  Are you happy at 8 WPM?  That is just fine too.  Just get on and work someone!
We'll need a volunteer to operate Colorado QRP Club station NØCQC to provide lucky operators with extra bonus points!

Same goes for Colorado QRP Club station WØCQC - running simultaneously but from a different location and offering the same bonus points.

This is a great opportunity to learn a bit about contesting during a short (and pleasant) two hour sprint so why not volunteer?

The Great Colorado Gold Rush Logo

Nuts 'n Bolts:

Time: July 12 - 2000 through 2159 UTC (2 pm to 3:59 pm local time in the Colorady mining camps!)
                        (Sunday afternoon, North America)

Band: 20 meters only (on or around 14.060 MHz - please spread out as needed).

Mode: CW only.

Call: try CQ CGR

Power: 5 Watts maximum for anyone wishing to submit a log for scoring.
Power: (Those not wishing to compete can run any amount of power authorized by law although we'd still like to encourage you to use QRP!)

Exchange: RST + SPC + CQC Member # -or- Power Output. (SPC = State, Province, or Country)

Example:  599 CO 132      -or-      599 CO 5W


1 point for each contact with any station.
5 points, each (for a total of 10 points), for contacting WØCQC and/or NØCQC

Submit logs showing time, callsign worked, exchange, and QSO points for each station worked.


Time Call Sign SPC RST/RST Member #
or Power
QSO Points
2004 WØCQC CO 579/579 432 5
2011 KH6JDO HI 439/559 5 1
2040 NØCQC CO 599/589 154 5
2040 WN6CDA CA 589/589 5 1
2040 WBØJNR CO 599/599 7 1
Total         13

Please exclude all duplicate contacts. We would appreciate a description of your equipment, antenna(s), power
output and if you were using a renewable energy source (solar, wind, etc.) Please provide a current email address.


Logs must be emailed no later than 30 days after the contest. Logs received after this deadline will be used as check logs only.

Email ASCII text files only to:
Vince Kumagain, KIØRB vkumagai@q.com

How would your score turn out at the assay office?


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