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1999 Great Colorado Snowshoe Run

Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club

When:   0300-0500Z Sunday, December 12, 1999 ***UTC***

For Continental US time zones this works out to:

     Pacific:   Saturday, Dec 12 7-9 pm
     Mountain:  Saturday, Dec 12 8-10 pm
     Central:   Saturday, Dec 12 9-11 pm
     Eastern:   Saturday, Dec 12 10pm - 12 midnight

Band: 40 Meters only

Mode: CW

Power:  5 watts maximum for all entrants

        (QRO stations are encouraged to join the run, but we can't
        accept your logs as a contest entry. QRP stations can work
        QRO stations.)

Classes:  Based on antenna type!

W -     Single element wire (includes dipole, random wires, Zepp, doublet,
        inverted "V", slopers, single element loops, inverted "L", etc.)

V -     Verticals (includes single element, ground plane, trapped
        vertical, anything with vertical polarization and omnidirectional

B -     Multi-element arrays/beams (includes beams, multi-element loops,
        phased verticals, V-beams, rhombics, etc.)

If you are not sure about your antenna class, send us a description ASAP
via email and we'll let you know. Operations may be conducted with different
antennas provided all antennas used are in the same class.

Exchange:       RST + State/Province/Country + Antenna Class + CQC # or Power

                Example:  549 CO W NR154 or 559 VA V 5W

Multiple Contacts: The same station may be worked up to three times during
                               the contest, provided there is a minimum of 30 minutes
                               between QSOs with the same station.

Scoring:   3 points per QSO, the first time each station is worked.
                2 points for the second time the same station is worked.
                1 point for the third time the same station is worked.

Multipliers:  SPCs and the number of CQC members worked.
Second and third contacts with the same station, if made, do not
count as multipliers.

Total Score:  QSO Points  X  SPCs  X  Members = Total Score

AWARDS:  Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring station
in each antenna class, and the highest scoring station in each SPC.

LOGS:   Submit logs showing time UTC, callsign, exchange received and
        QSO points for each station worked.

        Example:    0305  W0CQC  CO S 5W 3 1
                           0312  K5AB   TX V 154W 3
                           0336  W0CQC  CO S 5W 2 0

        Also include a summary sheet giving your name, call sign, antenna
        class, mailing address, a calculation of your total score. Also
        include  an alphabetical listing of claimed multipliers and a
        description of equipment and power used. Comments are also welcome.

Logs must be postmarked or e-mailed no later than 30 days post contest.

        Mail to:        Colorado QRP Club, Inc.
                             P.O. Box 17174
                             Golden, CO 80402-6019

To Email contest logs: CQC Contest Email

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Questions or concerns?  Send an Email to: Contacting the Colorado QRP Club
(Surface mail: Colorado QRP Club - P.O. Box 17174, Golden, Colorado 80402-6019 USA)

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