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1997 Great Colorado Snowshoe Run

Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club

Great Colorado Snowshoe Run - Results

Finally, at last (well, only 2 weeks after the deadline)
I have here for your delectation the official results of
the Great Colorado Snowshoe Run (held 12/13/97).
Judging from the Soapbox comments (click to view)
everybody had a great time and is looking forward to
another Saturday Nite Special Hotter Than a $2 Pistol event
and we'll be announcing it soon.

Some interesting and surprising results, but I'll leave
it to you to see what that's all about.  Almost
everybody's score will be different from their original
"claimed" score because Jan went through every log and
cross checked everything.  That's unusual, I know, but
keep in mind it was even-handed e.g. fair.

Certificates will be going to the winners in each class
(marked with an asterisk in case you can't figure it out
[g]).  And as manager of the "teams competition" I'll be
sending an actual physical prize of an appropriate
nature to, well, let's keep you in suspense another ten
seconds or so.

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to all
who participated.

Without further ado...

Official Results
The Great Colorado Snowshoe Run

Multi-element Antenna Class
*K5NZ       58,995
K0FRP      55,896
KF7MD      29,988

Single-element Antenna Class
*K5ZTY    34,656
W0HEP    11,830
WA2GO     9,594
WB0JNR    9,243
WD3P      7,839
N2CQ      6,144
W5SB      4,410
K5GQ      3,861
KS4L      2,240
KI7MN       620
WA1QVM      135
KQ0I         72
WD8RIF       68

Vertical Antenna Class
*K1OJ     74,000
N1FN     17,347
N4ROA     7,200
AB0CD     4,640
KQ5U      1,632
N7KT        690
N2APB       580
W0GD        396
K5VUU       345
KB0WQT      216
AB7OA       108

*Texas Yahoo Tennis Shoe Runners  25,414
     K1OJ, K5GQ, K5NZ, K5VUU,
     K5ZTY, KQ5U, W5SB

Snow Blind                    21,624

Mush Puppies                  10,765

Garden State Trailblazers      3,362
     N2APB, N2CQ

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