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CQC Winter QSO Party Masthead by Roger J. Wendell
2 Hours: Sunday Evening, February 21, 2016



This is how we announced the 'test back then:

Join the fun!

Colorado QRP Club Winter QSO Party When:
February 22 - 0100 through 0259 UTC, 2016 (2 hours)
    (Sunday evening, February 21st, North America local time)

CW Only - 3.560 7.040 14.060 MHz
    (spread out as needed)

Don't forget! There's an extra 5 "bonus" points for working either NØCQC or WØCQC
    (a total of up to 30 points can be earned by working both of 'em on all three bands...)

Winter Damage to the Beam of W0PEA - January 4-5, 2005
Photo permision Don Thomas (WØPEA's Mosley Pro-67B on
Rohn 45 at 70 feet in the Wichita ice storm, January 4-5, 2005)
We'll need volunteers to operate Colorado QRP Club call signs WØCQC and NØCQC to provide lucky operators with extra bonus points throughout the contest! Although each call sign can be transmitted simultaneously they need to be under the control of different operators at different locations.

This is a great opportunity to learn a bit about contesting during a short (and pleasant) two hour sprint so why not volunteer? (Contact Webmaster)


Making Calls:

try "CQ W"


A maximum of 5 watts output for anyone wishing to submit a log for scoring.
(Those not wishing to compete can run any amount of power authorized by law although we'd still like to encourage you to use QRP!)


RST + SPC + Serial Number
(SPC = State, Province, or Country - "Serial Number" means your 1st contact is serial #1, 2nd contact is serial #2, etc.)
(Also note that the serial numbers you assign each of your QSOs are sequential and continuous regardless which band you are on or if you change from one band to another)

Example:  599 CO 47


1 point for each contact, on each band, with each station (for a total of 3 points - you can contact the same station up to three times if each QSO is on a different band).
5 points, on each band (for a total of 30 points), for contacting WØCQC and/or NØCQC up to three times each on three different bands


Submit logs showing time, callsign worked, exchange, and QSO points for each station worked.
Log Example:

Band Call Sign SPC RST/RST Serial
QSO Points
0104 40 WØCQC CO 579/579 4 5
0105 40 KBØJFH NC 579/579 6 1
0106 40 KBØACE KS 579/579 3 1
0107 40 WBØJNR CO 599/599 7 1
0110 40 NØCQC CO 599/599 12 5
0111 20 KH6JDO HI 439/559 23 1
0115 20 WBØJNR CO 599/599 7 1
0149 20 NØCQC CO 599/589 84 5
0205 20 WN6CDA CA 589/589 57 1
0233 20 KH6UL HI 569/579 47 1
0240 80 WBØJNR CO 599/599 7 1
0249 80 WØCQC CO 599/599 64 5
0257 80 NØCQC CO 599/599 103 5
Total           33

Please exclude all duplicate contacts and advise us of your power output. Although not required, we would also appreciate
a description of your equipment, antenna(s), location (QTH), and if you were using a renewable energy source (solar, wind,
hydro, geothermal, etc.) Please provide a current email address.



Logs must be emailed no later than 30 days after the contest. Logs received after this deadline will be used as check logs only.

Email soapbox comments and logs (in spreadsheet format like the above example) to:
Vince Kumagai, KIØRB vkumagai@q.com


How would your score turn out at refugio?


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