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2001 Summer QSO Party

Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club

Colorado QRP Club announces the 2001 CQC Summer QSO Party

Sunday, August 26, 2001
(note corrected date)

1800 UTC to 2359 UTC

Exchange: RS(T), State/Province/Country, First Name, and Member # if CQC
member, power output if not ie: 579 CO Jim NR 04

Suggested frequencies: CW: 1825, 3560, 3710, 7040, 7110, 14060, 21060,
21110, 28060, 28110; SSB: 1910, 3985, 7285, 14285, 21385, 28385; No
contacts on 30, 18 and 12 meters allowed.

Classes: Single Band; Multi-band (all single operator only); Portable
(away from home QTH, portable power, portable antenna)

QSO Points: CW-CQC member 6 pts, non-member 4 pts; SSB-CQC member 3 pts,
non-member 2 pts

Multiplier: States/Provinces/Countries worked -- The same station may be
worked on different bands for additional QSO points and multipliers.
Contacts on the same band using a different mode counts for QSO points,
but not as an additional multiplier

Names: Total of first names from Name sheet. One first name per letter of
the alphabet. Name must be your commonly used first name.

Score: Total Score = QSO Points x Multipliers x Names

Bonus points for working Club Station W0CQC - Add 1000 points to your
FINAL score for working W0CQC

Power: Stations must use 5 watts or less output, CW or SSB.
There are no power multipliers.

Awards: To Be Determined, Highest Score in each class

Logs: Submit log postmarked within 30 days of contest end (09/27/01)
showing: Band, Mode, Time UTC, Station Called, RST Rc'd, SPC Rc'd, Name
Rc'd, Memb# Rc'd (or pwr out if not CQC member), SPC Mult., Name mult.

On a cover sheet include your name, call, SPC, CQC# (if member), power
used. A description of your rig, antenna, and comments would be
appreciated. Also include a score recap, the calculation of your total
final score.

To Email contest logs: CQC Contest Email

Mail logs: Contest, CQC, POB 17174, Golden CO 80402-6019 For sample Log, and Name sheets, send SASE and one unit first class postate to:

Jim Pope KGØPP
CQC Contests
P.O.Box 31575
Aurora,CO 80041-0575

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Questions or concerns?  Send an Email to: Contacting the Colorado QRP Club
(Surface mail: Colorado QRP Club - P.O. Box 17174, Golden, Colorado 80402-6019 USA)

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