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1997 Summer QSO Party

Sponsored by the Colorado QRP Club


1800 UTC to 2359 UTC

Exchange: RS(T), State/Province/Country, First Name, and Member # if CQC
member, power output if not ie: 579 CO Jim NR 04

Suggested frequencies: CW: 1825, 3560, 3710, 7040, 7110, 14060, 21060,
21110, 28060, 28110; SSB: 1910, 3985, 7285, 14285, 21385, 28385; No
contacts on 30, 18 and 12 meters allowed.

Classes: Single Band; Multi-band (all single operator only); Portable
(away from home QTH, portable power, portable antenna)

QSO Points: CW-CQC member 6 pts, non-member 4 pts; SSB-CQC member 3 pts,
non-member 2 pts

Multiplier: States/Provinces/Countries worked -- The same station may be
worked on different bands for additional QSO points and multipliers.
Contacts on the same band using a different mode counts for QSO points,
but not as an additional multiplier

Names: Total of first names from Name sheet. One first name per letter of
the alphabet. Name must be your commonly used first name.

Score: Total Score = QSO Points x Multipliers x Names

Bonus points for working Club Station W0CQC - Add 1000 points to your
FINAL score for working W0CQC

Power: Stations must use 5 watts or less output, CW or SSB.
There are no power multipliers.

Awards: To Be Determined, Highest Score in each class

Logs: Submit log postmarked within 30 days of contest end (09/27/01)
showing: Band, Mode, Time UTC, Station Called, RST Rc'd, SPC Rc'd, Name
Rc'd, Memb# Rc'd (or pwr out if not CQC member), SPC Mult., Name mult.

On a cover sheet include your name, call, SPC, CQC# (if member), power
used. A description of your rig, antenna, and comments would be
appreciated. Also include a score recap, the calculation of your total
final score.

To Email contest logs: CQC Contest Email

Mail logs: Contest, CQC, POB 17174, Golden CO 80402-6019

For sample Log, and Name sheets, send SASE and one unit first class postate to:

Jim Pope KGØPP
CQC Contests
P.O.Box 31575
Aurora,CO 80041-0575

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Questions or concerns?  Send an Email to: Contacting the Colorado QRP Club
(Surface mail: Colorado QRP Club - P.O. Box 17174, Golden, Colorado 80402-6019 USA)

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