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Chat 'N Chew - February 13, 2010


Our informal "Chat 'N Chew" gatherings usually take place the second Saturday of February, April, June, August, October, and December at a restaurant we decide on during our Monday night net.

The Chat 'n' Chew starts at about 12:30 with occasional "talk-in" on the 147.225 repeater or 146.445 FM Simplex.

Remember, these informal Chat 'n' Chew gatherings are for fun and fellowship - no club biz, please!

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CQC Chat 'N Chew - 02-13-2010
Bennett's BBQ
CQC Chat 'N Chew - 02-13-2010
CQC Gang
CQC Chat 'N Chew - 02-13-2010
KGØPP's Weber dual-band QRP Kit
Photos by Jay Schwisow, KT5E


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