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[Webmaster note: This is original text from when we created this page back in the late 90s when
computers, servers, browsers and everything else were a lot slower - left here for historical purposes!!]

In January, 2008 many of us tried to recall
who was in attendance for that meeting a
decade ago - here's what we came up with:

Phil Polizzo K6LS 471
Myron China KBØLMQ 53
Jim Moravec NØCOT 194
Hal Bergeson WØMXY 23
Gabe Sellers W2ZGB 12
Roger J. Wendell WBØJNR 7
Dwight Yokum
Dick Schneider ABØCD 155
Dayl Larson KBØOPT 137
Jim Pope KGØPP 4
John Hewitt KA3RDZ 417
Frank Ivan KØFEI 419
Marshall Emm N1FN 154
Al Dawkins KØFRP 32
Paul KF7MD 31
Rich High WØHEP 1
Larry Agabekov N2ww 515
Don McCoy (WØDM)  































Prez Rich (WØHEP) ponders comments from Field  
Day Chairman Paul (KF7MD) while Secretary.  
Dick (ABØCD) ponders a large quantity of CQC  
coffee mugs.
The audience is spellbound.  By what, we can 
only imagine.  
One of TWO full tables full of members' keys, 
paddles, bugs and other assorted brass pounding
...And the second table.
More spellbound members, or perhaps the same  
ones from the other side of the room.
Club Technical Coordinator Gabe (W2ZGB) wants  
to get a REAL close look at this new-fangled  
digital pitcher taker.
...as does visitor Larry (UA6HZ/WJ1R). 
Featured speaker Don McCoy (WØDM) gives us  
some tips for success in DX QSLing-- look for a  
summary in the next Low Down.

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