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Saturday - May 8, 2004

Our regular publication, the Low Down, will have even better photos and descriptions!

Our May 8th, 2004 meeting (the day before Mother's Day) was a smashing success!!! Marshall Emm, of Morse Express, provided us with meeting space where we all enjoyed a fine presentation on low cost, home-brew VHF/UHF antennas by our very own Jim Pope, KGØPP (Your humble webmaster was awed by Jim's copper pipe J-pole antenna so I affectionately dubbed him our "Jpole Jedi!").

In addition to Jim's excellent presentation, we also completed our annual elections with John (KA3RDZ), Jim (KGØPP), Vince (KIØRB) and me (your humble webmaster, WBØJNR) elected club President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively. Also, we took time to make more plans for Field Day...

All photos by Roger J. Wendell (WBØJNR).

(Click on any of these here "Thumnails" for a larger view!!)
KG0PP Demonstrates His Homebrew JPole Antenna
"JPole Jedi"
The Gang Listens to KG0PP's Presentation
The gang's all here!
450 Ohm Ladder Line
450 Ohm Ladder Line being used an inexpensive (but effective!) JPole itself!
KG0PP Demonstrates a Beam Antenna
Beam Antenna (Ho, Phil, Nate, Dick and the other Roger all in background)
Plenty of Room Provided by Morse Express
Plenty of room provided by Morse Express!
Gabe Enjoys a Better View
Gabe takes the high ground!
(Larry and Larry on each side)
Attention Grabber
Attention Grabber!
(Dick, Phil and Kristin)
Marshall and His Camera
Marshall prepares to challenge Roger with a camera of his own!
New Officers
Vince, Jim, John and Roger as the Club's new officers! (See our Officers and Committees page for all the details...)
Kristen and the Elections
Ten year old Kristin (daughter of K6LS) didn't seem too excited about our elections!

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