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General Meeting - July 07, 2012


President Frank Ivan, at our 07/07/2012 general meeting discussing the Colorado Mountain Club's, Colorado Summit Hikes for Everyone, as a great guide/start for SOTA activity. In the second photo Frank is displaying his new KX3 (with the completed CQC RFL-10 Dummy Load kit attached!) and describing our Battleground Field Day operation. President Frank Ivan discussing SOTA at our 07-07-2012 meeting President Frank Ivan discussing his KX3 and Field Day at our 07-07-2012 meeting


Lots of fun at our 07/07 meeting - in addition to Frank's Battleground follow-up ABØCD gave a great run-down on the fun at our Aloha Field Day - both sites had some pretty good overall scores this year.
After the meeting we got a good look at the new Vibroplex "Vibro Cube" and then viewed the W3AO contest group's "The Last Big Field Day" DVD.


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