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Victorian Internet Our Veterans Day 2006 meeting (November 11th) was lots of fun with a "Victorian Internet" presentation by Marshall (N1FN) and various Show 'N Tell talks by most of those present. Your humble webmaster, WBØJNR, experimented with some short video clips of Marshall, Al, Jim, and others at the meeting - click on their individual links near the page bottom to see (and hear!) more...

CQC always appreciates the meeting space that's provided by Milestone Technologies (where copies of the Victorian Internet are available!).


(Click on any of this page's "Thumbnail" images for a larger view)
(All photos and Videos by WBØJNR except for the one of him which KGØPP took...)


CQC President Peter Inskeep - 11-11-2006
President Peter Inskeep
CQC Gang - 11-11-2006
The gang...
A studious group - 11-11-2006
A studious group!
Show 'N Tell gear - 11-11-2006
Show 'N Tell gear
Secretary Vince Kumagai - 11-11-2006
Vince's Secretary's report...
Gabe Sellers and his Surface Mount Kit - 11-11-2006
Gabe's surface mount kit
Al Dawkins makes a point - 11-11-2006
Al makes a point
Marshall Emm and his Victorian Internet presentation - 11-11-2006
Marshall's presentation
Roger J. Wendell and his CQC Treasurer's Report - 11-11-2006
Roger's Treasurer's report


Video Mania:
(Short video clips from different presentations at the meeting)

  1. Marshall (N1FN) on ancient, line-of-sight communications.
  2. Marshall (N1FN) on human history.
  3. Al (KØFRP) on solder paths.
  4. Al (KØFRP) on surface mount technology.
  5. Gabe (W2ZGB) on kit info.
  6. Gabe (W2ZGB) with additional kit info.
  7. Jim (KGØPP) defining what QRP rigs looked like...
  8. Jim (KGØPP) on the rigs he picked out.
  9. Larry (N2WW) makes a guest appearance!


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Also, watch our Low Down publication for more photos and articles!

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