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Annual Key Day Photos!

Each year the Colorado QRP Club holds it's annual "Key Day" with an open invite to anyone who
wants to come in and talk about keys, keyers, paddles, bugs, and anything else related to sending
Morse code. Here are a few videos from some of those meetings!
('07 videos by Vince Kumaga, KIØRB, '08 videos by WBØJNR)

Sending with a clothespin at the Colorado QRP Club's Annual Key Day - 03-08-2008
Sending with a clothespin!
  1. N1FN - Clothespin key 03-08-2008
  2. N1FN - Improvising a key 03-08-2008
  3. NO2D - Key Day presentation on 01-13-2007
  4. WDØEDH - J-37 presentation on 01-13-2007




The Victorian Internet
(All videos by Roger J. Wendell, WBØJNR)

Marshall gave a great presentation for our Veterans' Day
2006 general meeting. Here are some video clips:

  1. Marshall (N1FN) on ancient, line-of-sight communications.
  2. Marshall (N1FN) on human history.
  3. Al (KØFRP) on solder paths.
  4. Al (KØFRP) on surface mount technology.
  5. Gabe (W2ZGB) on kit info.
  6. Gabe (W2ZGB) with additional kit info.
  7. Jim (KGØPP) defining what QRP rigs looked like...
  8. Jim (KGØPP) on the rigs he picked out.
  9. Larry (N2WW) makes a guest appearance!


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