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8,720 Miles-Per-Watt!

QRP Transceiver Below are links to two audio recordings that were made available by AE5X (John) in Houston Texas. John and WBØJNR (Roger, CQC # 7) enjoyed a relatively long CW QSO at about 21:30 UTC on February 23, 2018. They were operating on 14.060 CW with each of them using an Elecraft - John's was a KX2 at 5 watts output and Roger's was a K2 initially set at 400 mW (when they first made contact) and then Roger turned his down to 100 mW at John's request. Band conditions were really good between Houston and the Denver area. John's RST, at the Golden location, was 589 with his first report to Roger, while Roger was running 400 mW, was 449. Thanks to improving band conditions (along with John aiming his yagi in the direction of Colorado) that report changed to 559 after Roger decreased his power output to 100 mW! In addition to the Elecraft's power output reading Roger also double-checked it with an HM-1 QRP Wattmeter so was confident of these measurements. John's atenna was a yagi up 15 metres (50 feet) while Roger's was a 27 metre (88 foot) ladder-line fed doublet up 2.4 metres (8 feet) on one end and 4.9 metres (16 feet) at the other end [Roger's QTH is on the side of a steeply sloping 2,089 metre (6,855 feet) "hill" near Golden, CO]. Using their locations and some internet distance calculations it turns out the two operators were 1,403 kilometres (872 miles) apart for an 8,720 miles-per-watt QSO!
  • Click Here for a portion of their QSO at 100 mW
  • Click Here for a portion of their QSO at 400 mW




Fox Hunt QSOs:

Fox Hunt Logo
Click Here for a 2mb mp3 file (3 minutes long) of KT5E as the the 40 meter Fox Thanksgiving Day, '08. Jay has a huge antenna farm, southeast of Denver, and created quite the pile-up during his run as the fox!

Click Here for a photo of Jay's antennas on our members' page!


Submitted by Dick Schneider, ABØCD, on 01/08/2008:

"Foxy Al Dawkins, KØFRP, CQC #32, works the hounds during the Jan. 9, 2008 (UTC) 80-meter Fox Hunt with the K2 #70, which holds the world's record for the longest project build in Elecraft history. Half the rig has been built by owner Dick Schneider, ABØCD, the other half by Al and the third half by Elecraft which gets it soon for final tweeking and possible parts replacement. There are two MP3 files here, both real time: Al works AA4LR, George-GA, and NØUR, Jim-MN; Al works KIØII, Ron-CO and WA8BXN, Mike-OH (with a call correction)."





Radio Station KVCU

On September 1st, 2001 (Saturday), college radio station KVCU, 1190 AM Boulder, Colorado, aired various interviews with Colorado QRP Club members talking about Morse code. "Milkman Dan" and Kelly were the hosts of the "Hangover Brunch" show - Both devoted lots of airtime to explanations about amateur radio, QRP and Morse Code. The show also played its college top-30 countdown (featuring groups like "The Moldy Peaches," "The Dead Kennedys," etc.) with a few extras like "Morse Code of Love" and Bjork's "Aurora" thrown in for good measure...




Miscellaneous Audio Clips:
  • Click Here to hear the .wma version of a CW holiday greeting from N1FN at Morse Express (137 Kb)
    (Here's an mp3 file of that Morse Express holiday greeting) (157 Kb)

  • Click Here to hear the .wma version of WBØJNR's CW CQ (166 Kb)
    (Here's an mp3 file of that WBØJNR CW CQ) (127 Kb)


Do you have an audio file that would be of interest to our members or the ham radio community in general? Please contact your club's humble webmaster to make a submission!




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