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ZM-2 Tuner by KØFRP 1998

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The Emtech ZM-2 Antenna Tuner

by Al Dawkins, KØFRP

As requested I have some pix's taken by Marshall (N1FN) of the partial build of the ZM-2.

I decided to change the original front panel control placements. Plus have the in's and out's on the back. Not to say that Roy's original placement was not good. I just prefer it that way.

A kit of this nature is put together as to allow these changes. If I were backpacking and had the equipment setup on the ground or a nice rock, the controls and in's and out's would be better coming  off the front panel.  Same stuff just rearranged. This kit is unique in the fact that the end product is not set in stone.

Final picture will be coming as soon as I complete the wiring and decals. I hope to finish this weekend. Al KØFRP


Internal parts and completed front/back panels

Connectors relocated to back

View from the top The two toroids

The completed ZM-2!

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