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General Meeting - March 1998

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  Prez Rich (WØHEP) presents Nick (KG5N) with the Technical Excellence certificate for his homebrewed Sierra project, shown below and on its own page based on the Low Down article 
  Steve (KBØSZF) showed his Nocal K8FF paddle with custom laminated fingerpieces, here connected to his Embedded Research Atomic Keyer. 
  Al (KØFRP) has finally finished his Emtech ZM-2 antenna tuner. For more pictures of it click here
  Another Norcal Sierra was shown by Steve (NØTU). This one was an original Norcal kit, and required a lot of detial work and parts scrounging. 
  The KG5N home brewed Sierra, as featured in Low Down 22. Click here for more pictures
  Also shown by Al, (KØFRP) the world famous One-er transmitter with which he competed in the CQC Winter QSO Party. 77 QSO's!! Al's version features a "bandswitch" for the output filters on four bands, a manual T/R switch which gave him RSI [g], and a crystal socket for quick band changes. The crystal is mounted there because it is actually larger than the transmitter circuit board, NOT so that Al could "rubber" it with a finger tip! 
  Turnout was down a bit from normal, due to a snow storm (a March meeting tradition), but better than expected. These are truly dedicated QRPers! 
  More of those dedicated QRPers, or perhaps mostly the same ones from the other side of the room. 
  An excellent program, both entertaining and informative, was presented by Larry Agabekov (WJ1R/UA6HZ), CQC's newest member (#515) and former President of the Russian Amateur Radio Union. Larry told some very interesting stories about ham radio in the "bad old days" of the Soviet Union. He described his interlaced 6 element Yagis for 20M and 15M on one of three towers at his home QTH in Yesentuki, where he has a 700 square foot radio shack featuring a Yaesu FT1000D. And he was also very enthusiastic about his surprisingly effective participation in the ARRL DX contest and the CQC Winter QSO Party, both running 5 watts to a 30' chunk of wire running around the inside of his apartment here in Denver. 

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