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Note: Your humble webmaster was digging around some old server files, in the summer of 2003, and stumbled upon this "Library" page along with the CommandPost and Control Panel articles written by N1FN. It appears these three pages were written around 1998 or 1999, so by Internet standards they're of some historical signifigance. Anyway, since I like "old" stuff I'll keep 'em posted on our server for awhile [turns out to be a long while as I reviewed this page, again, in 2014!!!]. Also, not only are these interesting aritcles and links, but N1FN had graciously sponsored CQC's website for many years so I'm not hesitant to give him an additional 15 minutes of fame and exposure!! - WBØJNR, September 2003 [I updated this entry, slightly, on 10-07-2014 and want to add that N1FN also provided the club with meeting space for many years, too! - Roger J. Wendell WBØJNR]


Books: (for sale at Morse Express)

Books from Dave Ingram, ArtifaxBooks, and The Wire Man including
QRP NOW!, KEYS II: THE EMPORIUM,Perera's Telegraph Collector's Guide,
French's Vibroplex Collector'sGuide, and more.


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