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CQC Treasurer:
Roger J. Wendell, WBØJNR, CQC # 7
(Roger was the club's first treasurer, in 1994, and has held that office almost every year since...)


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At our July 12, 2014 regular Meeting it was announced that the treasurer would discontinue the recently implemented practice of providing the club with an annual audit. Since our Constitution and Bylaws don't require an annual audit it was agreed the treasurer would only continue with the regular meeting presentation of all financial activity since the last meeting. The annual audit, in addition to not being required, was taking too much time from volunteers in addition to not having captivated much interest from the general membership. So, in July 2014 it was agreed that in addition to the regular accounting presentation, at each meeting, a summary of finances would be posted on the treasurer's page. And, anyone wishing a detailed accounting, outside of the regular meeting, could make a request to the club's officers for their consideration.


July 12, 2014

Checking $ 638.27
Savings $2,586.33
Total $3,224.60




The way things were!
Below is a sample of what went on with some of our audits in the past:
(posted here for historical reference and your reading pleasure!)


2008 email sent on 3/13/2010 at 9:47 am:
Roger, A complete audit of the 2008, CQC accounts was done in Jan. 2009 and all was found to be in order.
Thanks, Scott Garcia, CQC Club President, KC0HSV


Note: Each year your humble treasurer attempts to have the "books" audited by a club volunteer. Club President Peter Inskeep, NO2D volunteer to look everything over for 2007. Here's the final report and analysis he provided by email on April 09, 2008. Roger J. Wendell, WBØJNR, Treasurer:

Hi, Roger,

At last I have finished the audit of the CQC books. Everything looks fine. Beginning balance plus deposits less checks written agrees to the ending balance on December 31, 2007. I am sure you knew it would.

Based on the level of activity in the account, I don't see any point to putting the books on a fancy program like Quicken or Microsoft Money, or whatever else is out there. I think it would be more trouble than it would be worth. Your running balance sheet was easy to compare to the bank account summaries.

A "real" audit would entail more complicated review of income and expenses. Things like reviewing receipts, etc. I don't see any need for that, since every substantial expense was voted on by either the membership or the exec. board, and there were not that many to begin with.

As far as reviewing dues goes, it would be a monumental task to attempt to pole a sample of the membership to see if their dues did get in the books, and their membership updated. It would cost far more than what we would take in in dues, I would think. And, one would have to assume that if a member did not get her or his membership updated as they thought it should, they would be yelling at us before long.

So, it looks great to me. If you do not make it to the Chat & Chew on Saturday, I will mail the package back to you on Monday. Is the mailing address on the coloradoqrpclub.org web page the right one to send it to?

Thanks for being the Club Treasurer. It is not a job for fame and glory, and it is a lot of work, I'm sure. Especially when you are busy flying all over the country and the world all the time.

Pete, no2d.


January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007

Bank Accounts Ending Balances    
    Checking Account 2310.17  
    Pay Pal 714.18  
    Cash on Hand/Petty Cash 0  
Total in All Accounts   3,024.25

    Memberships (New and Renewed) 451.00  
    Donations 13.00  
    Dummy Load Sales 51.00  
    Low Down CD Sales 3.00  
    Miscellaneous Sales (Meetings, Ham Fests, T-Shirts, etc.) 797.00  

    Postage (Mailing Dummy Loads, mugs, CDs, copies of Low Down, etc.) 2.72  
    Pay Pal Fees 4.05  
    Web Hosting and Domain Name (Dropped CHISP due to hosting dispute) 459.69  
    T-Shirt Expenses 15.00  
    Gifts (members in hospital, etc.) 35.00  
    Legal Expenses (Secretary of State Annual Filing, Trailer license, etc.) 10.00  
    Miscellaneous Expenses (HamFest fees, office supplies, paper, etc.) 35.00  
    HamCom 2006 150.00  

Net Income January 2007 through December 2007 (Income - Expenses)   52.54


Previous Years/Reports:





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