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  1. 2012 Added links to our YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter pages
  2. 2011 W2ZGB memorial page
  3. On April 26, 2010 we stopped taking PayPal due to their high fees and other issues.
  4. Fox Hunt archives
  5. Fied Day 2007 Photos and results
  6. WØHEP memorial page
  7. New Video Gallery
  8. Treasurer's Report
  9. Great Key Day Photos!


In early 2005 the Colorado QRP Club experienced great difficulty with its web hosting service at www.chisp.net. Then, to compound matters even further, www.chisp.net sold its business to www.peakpeak.com and they were equally unresponsive when it came to keeping our domain name up and running on either of their servers. The Colorado QRP Club, with some direction from ICANN, finally regained control of its domain name and moved it to a new and more reliable web hosting service (parcom.net). So, the first part of 2005 was spent not only trying to regain control of our domain name, but to move everything over to a new web host that features different operating requirements for our hit counters, secure business pages, password protection on the Low Down, etc. As a result, everything was eventually rebuilt, to work properly on the new servers, but little errors will keep popping up every now and again as we discover 'em. No problem, like most websites www.coloradoqrpclub.org will remain a work in progress!
CQC's Humble Webmaster:
- Roger J. Wendell - WBØJNR




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