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Life's too short for $800 finals!



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Colorado QRP Club 25th Anniversary
Celebrate with us!
The Colorado QRP Club is 25 years old and going strong!
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What's the Frequency Kenneth? (Title to a 1994 R.E.M. song)

145.460 (107.2 Hz tone) 8 pm Monday night QRP net   -   146.520 Denver area QRP "Watering Hole" (Please QSY to avoid QRM)

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Colorado Repeater Association A big "Thank You!" to the Colorado Repeater Association for the
use of their "machines" since our net was first formed in the early
1990s! We encourage all users to consider membership in the CRA.




QRP Fox Hunt
QRP Fox Hunt Small Logo Since the beginning, the Colorado QRP Club has been the proud sponsor of the QRP Fox Hunt!
Click Here for everything you need to know about the QRP Fox Hunt...
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No, this event doesn't involve live foxes or any other animals - it's a fun Morse code exercise
that takes place every week that involves hundreds of participants around North America!


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CQC Welcomes our
newest members!

N3AAK - Robert 1,036
KEØOIR - Jim 1,035
KEØVR - Bruce 1,034
KØRJK - Rick 1,033
KEØVMO - Jim 1,032
AB9QP - Douglas 1,031
K4MKS - Kent 1,030
W4/VP9KF - Paul 1,029
KD4MC - David 1,028
KKØITX - John 1,027
Sierra Radio Open Top view from Front
Sierra built by KG5N, CQC member # 146


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Rocky Mountain Regional & Continental Morse code net welcomes your participation every Tuesday and Thursday at 2200z on 14.0625 MHz - WC7S (CQC # 871)
Thank you to Milestone Technologies, and N1FN (CQC # 154), for many years of support!

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"Skill... Not Power!"
  • What the heck is QRP anyway? - Well, although there's really no hard and fast definition, QRP generally means to turn your transmitter power down, way down...  5 Watts output, or less, is usually considered QRP.
  • But why turn your power down? - The reasons are as varied as there are Ham operators! Some like the challenge while others simply enjoy back-to-basics and the tiny expense of using small radios over long distances.
  • Won't you join the fun? - Beginners and Old-timers all agree that QRP brings a special indescribable delight that a pair of expensive high-power transmitting finals just can't duplicate!




Past President KØFEI and his KiCad demonstration at our May 11th general meeting.



Help us find a new meeting location!

CQC is looking for a new meeting location! For many years the offices of Morse Express has hosted our meetings. However, they've since moved to a new location so we're now holding meetings at various locations within the Arapahoe Library District - very nice facilities but they just aren't home!

So, the Colorado QRP Club is looking for a permanent location for our bimonthly meetings. The library works great but there's never a guarantee as to the availability of rooms and, like we mentioned above, "There's no place like home!"

Please contact search committee members KIØRB or WBØJNR if you have any ideas or suggestions about a semi-permanent meeting place that we can call home!




SOTA anyone?

Past president Frank Ivan, at our 07/07/2012 general meeting, discussing the Colorado Mountain Club's, Colorado Summit Hikes for Everyone as a great guide/start for SOTA activity. In the second photo Frank is displaying his new KX3 (with the completed CQC RFL-10 Dummy Load kit attached!) and describing our Battleground Field Day operation. President Frank Ivan discussing SOTA at our 07-07-2012 meeting President Frank Ivan discussing his KX3 and Field Day at our 07-07-2012 meeting


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Sota Loga Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. SOTA has been carefully designed to make participation possible for everyone - this is not just for mountaineers! There are awards for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even Activators on other summits).


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Low Down 66 Summer 2010
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Members on the Move

We're always looking for photos and stories from our members for publication on our website or newsletter. So, contact your humble webmaster,
or newsletter editor, if you have pix or text about your gear, family, antennas, favorite keyer, or just about anything else related to ham radio and QRP!


Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for a video of KT5E installing his new tower and 30 meter yagi!


One Watt above 14060 feet! (4,285 meters)

In the Fall Steve, NXØL, climbed Mt. Bierdstadt - a
14er located about 35 miles west of downtown Denver.

Go to our Members on the Move page for more info
about Steve's climb up Bierdstadt!

NX0L hikes to the top of 14er Mt. Bierdstadt - Fall 2010 NX0L hikes to the top of 14er Mt. Bierdstadt - Fall 2010 NX0L hikes to the top of 14er Mt. Bierdstadt - Fall 2010 NX0L hikes to the top of 14er Mt. Bierdstadt - Fall 2010


WB0JNR at the Morse code key in Port Lockroy, Antarctica - 01-30-2011 WBØJNR (CQC # 7) made his way to Antarctica in 2011. In this photo Roger is "pounding brass" in the radio room at the Port Lockroy museum on Goudier Island, Antarctica.





ARRL Diamond - Small The Colorado QRP Club is proud to be an affiliated club with the ARRL (American Radio Relay League)!

Small Arrow Pointing Right Please remember to keep Your ARRL membership current as well!



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World Lock Our domain name, www.CQC.org, was stolen in March, 2015 - well over six months before it was due to be renewed. The Colorado QRP Club had owned this domain name since 1998 when we first created it before anyone else. The webhost and registrar, at the time of the theft was Parcom.net with wowrack as their parent company. Tucows held the domain name but, being Canadian, was especially difficult to work with.
Overall, none of these companies, after repeated requests for assistance, provided any assistance in protecting our domain name or recovering it. We've filed complaints with ICANN, the Washington State Attorney General's office (where the registrar was located at the time of the theft), and the various webhosting companies and registrars associated with our domain name since it was stolen. Name.com, here in the Denver area, eventually held the name but would provide no assistance, either, so we filed a theft complaint with the Denver Police Department (Report 2018-6007948).
From what we've learned, at this point, is that we're going to need a court order, and the assistance of an attorney, to recover our domain name. Please contact your humble webmaster, or any of the club's officers, if you can help. Until then, we'll continue using this mirror site (www.coloradoQRPclub.org) until we're able to recover our domain name. Thank you, everyone, for your assistance and support!
- WBØJNR, CQC Webmaster and Treasurer


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